Mani Monday

I have to say it’s a bit of a crime that it’s taken me until November to bust out one of my most favourite fall nail polishes. What’s wrong with me?! Seriously Nat. Geesh. I raved about this Chanel polish last year (omg, it was actually 2 YEARS ago! tick tock goes the clock!) and I’m loving it just as much 2 years later. Although dual/multi chromes aren’t really a novelty any longer, this pretty godly-green reminds me of the all the gorgeous colour changing leaves. It’s like a bit of nature on your nails, that’s not a stretch or anything…

Although it’s quite subtle, I threw in an accent nail by adding some gold glitter to my ring fingers. The formula of this Sephora polish isn’t my fave, I’d like more glitter pay off when applying, but I love the different sized bits of sparkle.

Well, that’s it kittens. Monday is here and I hope it’s good to you! xx

Details: Sephora Only Gold For Me (similar), Chanel Peridot (similar)

A Little Bit of Holly Jolly Mommy Ramble

Hello my loves! I just wanted to pop in and say hello and send you a smooch. I miss blogging regularly so very much. There are so many amazing mommy bloggers out there and I seriously don’t know how they do it! Tips please?! Overall the transition to having two little beans at home has gone quite smoothly. Just so busy busy smoothly (with a mushy mushy brain).

I want to blog but there isn’t much time, and then when there is time, I’m not sure what to blog about. I have a teeny (I wish) bit of baby weight to loose, so outfits posts don’t really work unless you want to see the same two outfits alternated over and over again. Probably not something to tune in for right? I could shift towards being a food blogger…anyone want to check out a post on how to unwrap a granola bar?? What if the unwrapping hands had on pretty nail polish? I could probably manage that. Any takers?

Seriously though, can we just give the upcoming holiday season a little shout out?! Red cups are out. My fave. They make my heart happy. I posted about them on facebook and a few lovely friends responded that they thought of me when they saw the cups. It’s nice to be thought of isn’t it? So while most of the blabber in this post should probably have stayed inside my funny little brain, I just wanted to say that I’m thinking of you guys and appreciate all your emails and comments checking up on me. xxxx

Fun Things Friday

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost the end of August! I can’t seem to get enough of ice cold bevies. Cranberry, soda and lime is a current fave!

What your favourite veggie to throw on the grill?? I think mine just might be asparagus. Mmmmmm.

Um, did someone mention large ice cold beverages?

So it’s not ice cold, but it’s a symbol of the weekend!! Yay for Friday! Being super pregnant, weekends have become extra special: more fun, more rest, more productivity, more hands to make endless peanut butter sandwiches for the little lady. You get the idea, it’s pretty exciting around here. What are you going to get up to?

Vacation Times Part 2

Is it just me, or are mini cupcakes totally irresistible?! Do you have a favourite flavour?

The Fountain – the only downside of penny extinction. I’m now shelling out the big bucks (nickels & dimes baby) to make my ladyloo happy!

Also, I love it when watered-down apple juice looks like a highball. Swanky toddler.

Slap a triangle dress on that small child and Ikea has signage for our soon to be family dynamic. Love that!

What pregnant lady can resist a $1 cinnimon bun? Ok, probably lots can. I have no willpower.

Some toddlers are very advanced. I kid.

I promise I’ll start wearing a different colour of nail polish for a while.

Black and white pillows tend to follow me home. It’s not my fault.

And, done. Nighty-nite. xx

Pregnancy Update

And here we are. I’m jumping on the Pregnancy Update’s bandwagon. I was sort of on the fence about doing them, but I like to read the ones done by other bloggers, so why not?! Let me know what you think! If I should add questions or take ones away! Thanks! xx

How far along: 22 weeks. More than half way!

Weight Gain: Eeeeek. A. LOT. I’m not sure of the exact number right now, but it’s around 20 lbs.

Maternity clothes: 4 pairs of maternity skinny jeans. I’m going to need some shorts ASAP if this heat sticks around!

Stretch marks: None yet. I didn’t get any with my first pregnancy so fingers crossed.

Sleep: Pretty decent this week. I was getting lots of leg cramps earlier on but those seem to have subsided.

Miss anything: Shopping!!! This is the first Spring/Summer season that my city has had Forever 21, H&M AND Target. I’m drooling over this newfound selection of shorts, rompers, and sundresses!

Movement: TONS. It’s a wild one in there.

Cravings: Cookies and muffins and chocolate, oh my. I’m trying to replace that with carrots and spinach and brown rice, yippy. Anyone know a good hypnotist?

Gender: I don’t know and we’re keeping it a surprise. I keep trying to decide who I think is in there, but I really don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other. With my daughter, although we didn’t know, by the end of my pregnancy I was sure I was having a girl.

Symptoms: Super tired by dinner time but that’s about it. Oh, and reduced mental capacity. Ha ha, see I forgot that one. I break things, I drop things, I spill things on my kids head, I say words that aren’t real words.

Wedding rings on or off: Sigh. Reduced from 3 bands to just squishing on my engagement ring.

Happy or moody: Ha ha. This question would best be directed at the hubs! Happy mostly I think. Perhaps the odd hunger or heat-related bout of rage.

Looking forward to: Being a bit more active. We’ve had a very busy few weeks with bits of travel and various sicknesses. I’d like to break out some of my pregnancy fitness DVDs and work in a bit more exercise. Because I seem to text my friends a lot of pictures that look like this:

Coffee Date

I think I’ve probably worn close to this exact outfit on the blog before. Minus the pants being maternity pants and maybe with different shoes. So, I’m approaching this post in more of a we’re all friends and if we were going to meet up for coffee today this is what you’d get kinda way. You dig? Thanks.

This little purse makes me really happy. I’ve been using it pretty solidly for the past six months. As much as I love big bags, it’s quite liberating when all of a sudden you can go out with your little and not need to pack a billion things. And now, being pregnant, it feels even more luxurious to tote something small. Oh little leopard, your days are numbered.

Do you ever find shoes that you love so much that you end up buying two pairs, exactly the same? I’m so wishing I had done that with these little H&M flats. Camel and gold together in a super comfortable little shoe? Goooood.

With so many body changes during pregnancy, I’m not very inspired to shop for clothing. Hence a new addiction to super cheap accessories. A new necklace that costs the same as a latte is a totally practical and fun way to make old outfits feel new(ish, ha ha).

PS – Thanks so very much for all the lovely comments on my last post! I know I said that I’d share more photos from our little getaway, but I decided that they might be a bit boring, or perhaps better suited to a Friday post :) Happy Monday Loves! xx

Outfit Details: Jacob sweater, H&M maternity pants, H&M flats, Forever 21 purse and necklace

Vacation Times – Part 1

I love to get away. Big or little, any kinda trip makes me pretty happy. So, last weekend, quite spur of the moment, we decided to pack our bags and head out to sea (and then land again).

What better way to start a little trip-trappin’ than a breakie of cold, leftover pizza?! YUM. And I know I already mentioned it, but I’m bananas for this nail polish (it’s much more forrest green in person). I topped it off with Debroah Lippmann On A Clear Day for extra an extra glossy finish.

Buddy the Bear was pretty stoked to be getting out of town as well! You can totally see it in his eyes right? I think he’s smize-ing, bear-style.

The little lady loved the ‘big white boat’.

Isn’t a sunny day on the water just the prettiest?

Why, hello Mr! It looks like you might have a secret you’d like to share…

…Baby number 2 is on the way!

More riveting photos of our getaway coming at ya soon! xx

Fun Things Friday

I don’t think this week could get any rainier. I’m thinking of building a boat. Thankfully, I have these boots to be my constant companion.

Hello patterns. You make cozy time so much more fun.

I made this salad last night. It’s become one of my all time faves. Speaking of salads, do you have a favourite type?

What should we have for dinner? is seriously one of my least favourite questions. Lately, we’ve been trying to simplify and I’ve been surprised to discover that delicious results can come quickly and with only a few ingredients. I’d love to hear recommendations for easy/tasty dinners!

My mother-in-law treated me to this green nail polish last week and I’m love love loving it!

The weekend is on our doorsteps my friends! I couldn’t be more excited to have a super lazy Saturday with my lovely little fam. What are you going to get up to? xx

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