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Happy Christmas!


The magical day is almost upon us! I want to wish all of you who take the time to stop by my blog the merriest of Christmas’s! I hope that Santa is good to you! Enjoy laughter, love and happy times with your families.  XOX

Oh, how I love golden glamour!


Every year at my Husband’s work Christmas party we play the gift-stealing game. You know the one, everybody gets a number and when it is your turn you can take a gift off the table or steal a gift that another poor party goer has already opened. Well, sadly I lost the Starbucks gift card that I happily opened (err, stole from someone else). However, I did make it to the game’s conclusion with this totally fabulous nutcracker! (Sorry T. I know you said your 21 month old son would love him, but it’s a cut-throat game…ps I still feel slightly guilty!) 

Drawn to his glittery gold ensemble, I can’t help but feel that he is a little Balmain-esque. Check out this picture from their Spring/Summer 2010 collection and judge for yourself!

Dear Santa,


Where I live, frosty mornings and a bitter chill have replaced a month of torrential rain. While a crisp and cold day isn’t that bad when accompanied by  a bright and sunny sky, certain changes in ones wardrobe must be made.

Working at home, I like to be comfortable and often wear leggings. A fine option when indoors, however, on quick trips to the post office, starbucks or the market, I am beginning to feel like wearing my leggings is equal to going out with no pants on at all! My legs feel absolutely naked as the winter wind seems to whistle right though the fabric. Enter my salvation and a most-wanted item on my Christmas list, American Apparel Winter Leggings! Thick and cozy, without being constrictive or bulky, these block the breeze and keep legs happy. And while Santa is wrapping these up for me, he might want to throw in a hoody so I stop stealing my Husband’s. Although, that would almost be more of a gift to him than to me…aww, aren’t I thoughtful?! Always thinking of others…hee hee.

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Zoe Saldana made a recent appearance on Late Night with David Letterman looking unbelievably chic. Nothing captures my heart like a perfect palate of neutrals. And hello! what an fab example of how to wear white pants during the winter! I heart this look, how about you?


Benefit Beauty

benefitI have been a long time fan of Benefit products.  Although not brand new on the market, these velvet shadows are new to me and I can’t wait to add a few to my makeup repertoire. With a winning combination of silky smooth texture and rich pigment, how can you go wrong?  As I prefer subtle shades for my day to day looks, Bikini Line, Fawn Over Me & Leggy are on my current most-wanted list.



Perhaps not very seasonally appropriate for current conditions on the West Coast of Canada, but remind me to file this look away for warmer weather. I love how effortless Diane Kruger makes everything look. Sigh, serious style crush.


Could Gift Giving Get Any Better?


If only I had come across this amazing beard cap from Scandinavian Grace earlier! With only 13 sleeps till the big day, I really don’t think there is enough time to order and receive it for gift giving.  Sorry Brother, maybe next year…

Scandinavian Grace

My Favorite Things: Holiday Edition


Every year I look forward to the cheerful cups offered during the holiday season at Starbucks. For me, they are a beacon of celebration and make my hot drink taste extra special. I know that I am not alone in embracing this snazzy display of commercialism…one of my oldest & closest friends (ya you, T!) shares my passion for the red cup! 

So, I say, brave the chill and meet an old friend for a little girl-talk over a hot bevie!

PS – I must add a special shout out to my lovely friend L. who sent me the sweetest text the day the red cups made their annual debut.

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