What is this and who we are?

Nowadays people all over the world purchase huge amounts of various products and a great share of those are pharmaceutical solutions. Yes, everybody gets sick from time to time, that is the sad truth. So the customers normally want to buy their products cheap and receive them quickly, however when we talk about medications, the safety becomes one of the top priorities as well.

The fastest way to get a product might be just to visit the closest pharmacy, however the drug can be not available there, and that is definitely far from being the cheapest option. The cheapest is to buy on-line but then the safety might be easily compromised. So, the customer needs a guide in this sphere even more than in any other consumer’s domain.

This is exactly what our web-site is going to offer.

We make the path of the buyer easier, more clear and transparent, and definitely much shorter, by providing him with comprehensive and detailed reviews of various on-line resources selling drugs, so-called Internet apothecaries of all kind.

Pharmacy review categories.

Our reviews can be generally divided into three categories: reviews about the sites recommended by us, those which should definitely should be avoided and those about which our readers have to make a final decision themselves, for these resources have both advantages along with some significant drawbacks.
Our estimations are based on our own research, performed by visiting a site to assess its interface and functionality, as well as user’s feedback to estimate the delivery efficiency and UX in general.
Thus, we assess a portal according to be following criteria: price level, interface and functionality, delivery time, general user’s satisfaction.

Owing to that we can really offer a valuable advice and form a good understanding of what is expecting us in the described site we are going to enter and use. That is what a sick person desperately needs, for he has already suffered enough, we can assume, and doesn’t want to learn by trial and error.
So, welcome and hope we stand up to your expectations.