About us

Generic drugs.

Generics are currently gaining more and more popularity and known generally as a cheap product, which is nevertheless quite efficient and safe. However that is not always the case, the process of buying generics in an on-line pharmacy can become not just a great disappointment in case you just do not receive what was ordered, but also a risky experience if for example you get some other product instead of what you actually needed.

Online pharmacy reviews.

On-line reviews which I offer in this blog can help people to get around in the maze of modern consumer’s domain and to buy efficiently, promptly and safely. Our first priority are generics, for the most tricky customers’ choice has to be done exactly in regard to this drug class, especially taking into account the really immense number of already existing brands and new ones emerge every day. The broader the offer the higher the risk.

Our mission.

Based on all that we have defined the mission of our blog – which is that Only precise and high-quality information can make generics equal to original drugs and that is what we provide.
Please enter our portal, where you will find a lot of reviews already completed, the on-going review as well as the list of drugstores to be reviewed in the near future. You are welcome to offer us the resources that you would like us to assess, for example if you are already buying from a vendor and want to be on the safe side in future as well based on other users’ experience. Normally we process a user’s request within 2-3 weeks. You can also recommend us a drug to concentrate on and our team will find the best pharmacy to acquire it.


You are also free to leave your comments regarding our own resource for we are also a public site and we will be happy to correct everything that is needed in our way of data presentation in order to satisfy your most intricate needs and requests. Please feel free to express your opinion, that will help us and consequently other users as well.

Welcome to our blog and enjoy!